How to stockpile’s first example for ‘Stockpile’ is

‘A supply of material, as a pile of gravel in road maintenance’

I don’t have any gravel or roads that require maintenance (unless you count my stair carpet, which does actually need a really good Hoover). My meaning is more to do with collecting words, specifically within blog posts, more specifically for times when I need a quick upload. Like today.

More of us are comfortable with the theory of stockpiling social media snippets for situations when we’re not in a position to think, write and post one. If we subscribe to the idea that our blogs, Insta pages, LinkedIn profiles, and other social plants all need constant watering, then we need to garden in advance.

Right now it’s mid-Easter-break and those of us in possession of school-age children will be knee-deep in ‘holidays’. I use quotes because although it’s a holiday for him, that’s not always the case for me. The Fairy family is, however, about to pack up and head out on a road trip, so I need to pot my posts and prune my profiles well in advance. Like this:

• I’ve already worked out how many posts I need. I won’t make it more than usual, because there’s no point in doubling up on work just for the sake of it. If I only usually post once a week, then I’ll prepare one per week. Always keep it simple.

• I’ve got a timely post up my sleeve. I know it’s going to be Easter and I’ve already bought the chocolate and thought up a theme.

• I’ve checked to see if the Airbnb has WiFi – it does.

• I’ve added a reminder to my phone so I’m not on a high hill in Snowdonia when I remember that I should have clicked ‘Save & Publish’ the night before.

• I’ve packed some nice wine, just as a little pat on the back. I think I’ve earned it.

I will also be doing this for half-term (Venice), summer (Greece) and all the other school holidays between now and university (him, not me), so there’s no chance of my stock ever running out of piles.

Happy holidays!