Wordfairy.co.uk: sparkly copy for blank pages

Let’s talk about procrastination…

It’s happened again, hasn’t it? It’s blogging day and you’ve a post to write or a newsletter to update but your page is still blank and your cursor still blinking, no closer to forming words than it was this time last week.

We have all been there: it is the daily grind, the schedule, the chores, the duties, the sheer weight of work that keeps us from getting down to the nuts and bolts of what needs doing – in this case, writing.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a freelance writer drop by and get those words written, pinned to the page, ready to go – TING – on time, in shape, to budget? Yes. Yes, it would.

You can see where this is going, can’t you? That’s right, I’m the north London copywriter you’ve been looking for, the engine behind that blinking cursor, standing by to fill your site with relevant, well-written content to deadline and in style, from case studies and blogs to newsletters, features and more.

Here’s how I can help…