Pic: Natalia Zapala-Movshovitz

Pic: Natalia Zapala-Movshovitz


I didn’t set out to be a fairy, I started as a typist in an old-fashioned press agency, then poked a toe in the door of the features department, who kindly sent me on a sabbatical placement to journalism college at the London School of Printing. Result.

That set me up to join the magazine world as Chief Sub editor on titles such as Here’s Health, Slimming and BBC Good Homes in companies like Emap and BBC Worldwide, before going freelance as a writer and sub-editor. I also worked in both full and part-time roles on corporate titles such as Asda Magazine (@ Publicis Blueprint) and John Lewis Edition (@ John Brown).

In 2012 I moved to Singapore with my family, freelancing for various expat titles, then taking a job as editor for an events website. That meant lots of theatre and restaurant reviews, so it’s lucky that one of my hobbies is running. I also wrote the travel blog partlycloudy.co.uk, so that I would always be able to remember what we got up to.

After five years in the tropics we relocated to the UK, where I launched Wordfairy, casting spells in the lifestyle consumer arena on topics such as homes, travel, health and culture. You build the website, I fill it with words. Magic.

As a freelancer, my preferred subjects are in the lifestyle zone, which means homes and design, beauty and health, travel and families and anything 'life’-ish. I have also taken several creative writing courses, most recently the Young Adult novel writing course at Curtis Brown Creative.

Thanks to our time in Singapore I’m interested in all things Chinese, Malay, Peranakan, tropical. When I’m not writing I like baking incredibly unhealthy cakes, singing loudly in choirs, hanging out with friends and family, and travelling to the far corners of the globe with my husband and son.

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