Those who can...

Found my O and A-Level certificates the other day. The latter is heading towards a frame (#smugface). The former, notsomuch. I really had no idea what I was doing when I took those exams, aged only just 16 (French was on my actual birthday). If there’s one thing my teenage self never dreamed she would do (along with taking the lead role in anything or playing the bagpipes), it was that she might one day herself be dispensing educational advice.


Well, stranger things happen at sea, and here’s me pictured in May 2017 being given my three-year guiding pin at The Peranakan Museum in Singapore. Four years earlier I had studied how to be a docent (guide) in this fascinating museum with a small group of fellow students. The tuition enabled us to take visitors for an hour-long wander through the pretty rooms once a month and gave me a new respect for all things nyonya. We then had the option of teaching new recruits, and the whole experience gave me such confidence that when I returned to London I began giving blog ‘lessons’ (I use quotes because I really don’t think you can teach blogging, it’s more a case of discussing, sharing and enlightening).

I mentioned the stage thing earlier because I was always terrified of being given a speaking part, and it’s so ironic that I now love getting in front of a roomful of people and talking for as long as they’ll let me. Revision anarchy may have delayed some of my achievements, but it didn’t stop them from happening in the end.

For more details on spending some time in my ‘classroom’ (the cafe down the road), drop me a line.