Christmas gift

Just before I put out the mince pie, carrot and sherry, turn off the tree lights, adjust the stockings and wave at the moon, I’ve a Christmas thank you to send to all those who I’ve met over the last few months of Wordfairy magic making:

• Thanks to the amazing Athena Network girls, who have made the last four months so exciting and inspirational

• Thanks to my Apple Mac for putting up with more typing since August than the last 12 months put together

• Thanks to family and friends for the endless listening, inspiration and support as I got myself together


• And thanks to dear Mr Fairy & Son, budging up to make room as we all hotseat together at home. Promise next year I’ll move to my new desk in the corner, make more words, bring more magic home.

Merry Christmas to all those near and far, and may all the words in your stockings be happy ones.