Facebook: discuss

There’s been much chatter lately about whether or not Facebook is still alive, and I do wonder myself sometimes. In many ways, and especially since the advent of the social media monster that is Instagram, it’s a smaller circle than it was before.

The push and pull of Facebook algorithms gives us feeds for an increasingly small handful of people, seemingly the same ones, so the FB world is often a select and confined space. At the same time, annoying ads pop up as soon as you browse for that cool pair of boots: oh Facebook, give it up.

With Insta, Pinterest, LinkedIn, there are very many Wastes Of Time to keep us distracted from the cosy blue coffee room that was the old Facebook. I know lots of people who have fallen off lately, citing too much work, an over-abundance of screen time, busy family lives, general lack of interest. But then there’s the work aspect, which – in Asia for sure – is a big and powerful use for the forum, especially if the work is visual (photography, food, people, etc).

After a networking meeting last week, there were no less than three Friend invites sitting in my in-box. In fact, 98% of Friend invites these days seem to be business related. Also this week I posted on a freelance forum for advice about placing a piece, and got a nice scatter of good strong replies. And then, just last night, the money-shot – a direct contact pinging into my in-tray, from a freelancer who I’ve never met, helpfully giving me a huge great big tip that could be just the lead I need.

I have also: organised a dinner date, wished family members happy birthday, given advice on schools in Singapore to a stranger, done some very useful work research and browsed a holiday. So I guess I’ve answered my own question, there.

My own page continues to be much like me, an eclectic mix of work and play. Alongside the silly jokes and family pictures, I’ve a growing sideline in very useful work tags and contacts. Either way, I can’t see myself deleting it, not just yet.