Back in business


As much as I didn’t want Christmas to end, there was always a point at which I had to come out from under the festive blanket. Two days’ notice to hot seat at a local networking group (standing in for someone who couldn’t attend) was the best way to get me out of the door. After today’s power-packed and friendly session I am a lot more prepared for the year ahead than I was this morning. I have collected new business cards, put new dates in the diary, prepared new emails to send out and chalked up another positive experience.

If you’d told me I would be a regular networker this time last year I would have raised an eyebrow (if I could). But here I am doing that N word thing on a regular basis, and not just being active but loving it. I can’t recommend it enough as a way to find work, meet people, make friends. Throw another hot seat at me tomorrow, go on, I’ll be there if I can.

Onwards and upwards, as my old school motto says.