Making a point

The first paragraph, preferably sentence, of any business blog should include the main drive. I’ve been thinking about this lately, as all my posts so far have been in the ‘lifestyle’ realm, hardly businesslike at all. I’m fine with this, it’s how I work and what I do. But if I ever wanted to go down a more structural route, there’s plenty I could do

I could include bullet points to:
• highlight ideas
• emphasise different topics
• provide a level of clarity

I could simplify my images, making them black and white like the very first one or simple, unfiltered, unframed and immediately relevant to the accompanying words. I might have inset them or aligned them to the specific section, instead of setting them large as headers.

One thing I always include is links to other sections within the site to emphasise what I do, and where you can find that thing I do, and also to hold the reader within the site for longer.

I could have done all that.

Happy blogging. You’re welcome.