Tuesday is the new Monday

How’s the start of the working week for you? After a long weekend doing whatever it is you do, what’s your Monday approach? Motor in from 0 to 60, pencils all sharpened, or procrastinate like a slow loris crossing the road, with no lunch money and odd socks?

According to an Insta-expert friend, rushing to sign off all the things in your diary on a Monday is the road to ruin. There is no need, she says, to get it all done at the start of the week. She explains:

“I’ve become an advocate of #slowmondays. This is about starting your week off in creative mode, not frenetically whizzing off emails (that are unread as other people are simultaneously doing the same). It’s about getting things done at your own pace. It differs to #procrastination, which we’ll chat about later in the week. A #slowmonday is more productive in the long run, all part of wellbeing and taking care of yourself.”

She makes many good points on top of all that, which you can see if you check out @morethanjustlistening.

I have an optimistic take, on Sunday nights, to Mondays. Every week they come round without fail, and each one is a mini New Year’s Eve waiting to pop open like confetti, a chance to start all over and reinvent the schedule in a positive and fruitful way, to make the week ahead the best yet. As a home worker, it feels doubly important to me to set the bar very high at the outset, so the ensuing five days don’t unfurl like a long scarf losing its thread.

So I try to set everything up on Sunday night, check the desk planner, start a mental shopping list of all the things I’ve got to do, and those not yet done, check out the websites of new clients I might be meeting. Tidy the desk, even. Some days it works and by 4pm on Monday I’ve ticked off a decent amount on the list.

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Other Mondays, like today, it’s a big F for faff, where I’m immersed in Instagram, loiter too long in Sainsbury’s biscuit aisle, take half an hour to dig out old papers that don’t really need sorting just yet, spend another half hour under the desk working out why one leg always wobbles (see my post on how to work at home without getting caught up in doing all that).

I’m glad there is a new school of thought about not rushing out to save our Mondays with our pants over our tights. I do wonder, though, if I’ll just loiter in Sainsbury’s on Tuesdays now, instead of Mondays? Waiting with a notebook (and a packet of biscuits) for that #procrastination post.

Here’s what I should be doing on Mondays.